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State CPS Coordinator - Mike James


For Parents:

Need help with your car seat?

Getting help with your car seat? What to expect!

Ultimate Carseat Guide !

 Alabama's CPS Calendar

 CPS Event Calendar

What will it take to have a CPS class in my community?

Why should I become a Child Passenger Safety Technician?

Pediatrician growth charts

AAP Carseat Guide

What does the Alabama CPS law say? (Printable)

Or better yet, The AAP guidelines! (Printable)

For Technicians:

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 Alabama's CPS Calendar

CPS Update Curriculum

 CPS Glossary (Printable)

AAP recommendations (Printable)

 Max weight chart for child restraints (Printable)

 How to install carseats with different seatbelts(Printable)

Child restraint and Inflatable seatbelt recommendations

 Carseat manufacturer's contact info 2012

What do I do to Recertify? 

The SAFE Kids Worldwide Certification website

Standard Carseat Check Form (Printable)

Where do I get a current recall list?

How do I order a LATCH Manual?

Submit Event for Calendar

CPS Carseat Reporting Form

CPS Education Reporting Form

Complete CPS training manual


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